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Professor Shin-Ichiro Imai, Director of Mirai Medical Group, receives prestigious title

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Mirailab Bioscience, Inc. has been recognized for its significant contributions, including donations to anti-aging research at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), and has honored Professor Shin-ichiro Imai, M.D., Ph.D., who has made significant achievements as a professor of Developmental Biology and Medicine at Washington University, with the title of "M and T Tanaka Family Distinguished Professor", that bears the names of our CEO and our Executive Chairman. "Distinguished Professor" is the highest distinction in an American university. This is an unprecedented achievement, as this is the first time in the 170 years of history of the University that such distinction bears the name of a Japanese family.

Click here for the installation ceremony

Read here the press release (text in Japanese)

Top: Jeffrey I. Gordon M.D.

Bottom from left to right: Dr. Samuel Klein M.D., Dr. Imai and Mrs Imai, and Mrs and Mr Tanaka (CEO and Executive Chairman of Mirailab Bioscience Inc.)

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