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Private Research Clinic

Achieving Productive Aging

The Mirai Medical Group is fully committed to this task. Implementing a family clinic is certainly not easy, but we are confident that we can drive progress in this area by strengthening community cooperation and self-reliance. Our desire to contribute to society is our driving force. If you are interested in supporting us, please contact us.


Establishing Anti-Aging Medicine

Mirai Medical Group will conduct clinical research together with medical institutions and will actively announce its results at a global scale in order to establish the true meaning of anti-aging medical care and create awareness in a world that is facing super-aging society.


Takahiro Otani

Chairman of Mirai Medical Group

In January 2021, I was newly appointed as chairman and the new structure of Mirai Medical Group was created.

Our goal at Mirai Group is to realize Productive Aging in Japan, which is rushing into a super-aging society. Productive Aging refers to a way of aging that enables people to lead productive lifestyles in which they can maintain and enjoy their individual lives in maximum health, and at the same time continue to contribute to society even in the latter half of their lives.

In order to realize Productive Aging, it is necessary to realize anti-aging and preventive medicine based on a rigorous scientific base by proactively incorporating the results of the latest aging and life span research, which is currently advancing at a rapid pace. With this new challenge in mind, Mirai Group will not only contribute to local medical care, but also aims to realize Productive Aging through high-quality medical care so that everyone's life can be healthy and prosperous until the end.

For this reason, in July 2021 we welcomed Shin-ichiro Imai, M.D., Ph.D., professor at Washington University in St. Louis (Missouri, USA), School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Biology/ Department of Medicine (joint), and a world-leading expert on aging and life expectancy, as a member of Mirai Group's board of directors. Under the firm guidance of Dr. Imai, Mirai Group will do every effort to realize Productive Aging in Japanese society.

I would like to ask all of you for your understanding and support for the new challenges of Mirai Group. 

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